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Understanding today’s seller

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Content Strategist
Christine Nedilsky
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Being a real estate agent is a lot like fishing: if you don’t know what you’re doing, you might get lucky. But if you know what you’re doing, you’re going to catch more fish. That’s what Scott Rohrig told us at the beginning of his session titled “Today’s Seller & The Age of Experience”. As Zillow’s Director of Broker Engagement, Scott knows a thing or two about catching fish—and appealing to today’s sellers.

According to The Zillow Group, the majority of people putting homes on the market are doing so for the first time. This experience is completely new to them, and they’re looking for professionals like you to lead the way. But in order to help them sell successfully, you first need to understand today’s sellers—their needs, their habits, and their expectations.


Sellers are stressed

Have you ever sold your home? If you have, you’re all too familiar with the roller coaster of emotions that comes along with the process. You have to meet with buyers, negotiate offers, fill out complicated paperwork…it’s stressful stuff! And to take things up a notch, 71% of sellers look to purchase their next home while selling their current home. 

Stress can also stem from having unrealistic expectations on the amount of time it takes to sell a home. This can be due to misleading information on the internet, or a lack of communication between sellers and their real estate agents. Be honest with your sellers about their timeline, even if the news isn’t in their favor. They might not jump for joy at the reality of the situation, but at least you’ll maintain your professionalism.


Sellers conduct lots of research

Today’s sellers start researching months before they list their home. Thanks to the internet, they research anything and everything—from market trends to average home costs to selling tips and more. They also research real estate agents. One in every three millennials find their agent online, and 64% of millennials look at reviews to make their final decision. This means if you’re online, you’re in the right spot.

The key to standing out online is in your agent website. You should treat your agent website like your online resume. This is your opportunity to shine, so make it count! Make sure your website includes a current headshot, your reviews, and your local market knowledge.


Sellers still work with an agent

In the age of WebMD and internet lawyers, it's easy to assume there’s no need for real estate professionals. But that’s where you’re wrong! Today’s sellers may take longer to find an agent than past generations, but they still see the value of working with a professional. They see you as a source of knowledge and experience, someone who can help them successfully sell their home.


Today’s sellers are stressed, research-obsessed, and determined to do things a bit differently. Take the time to understand where your sellers are coming from. It will pay off. Do you have any tips or tricks when working with sellers? Let us know in the comment section!