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Top 5 online places for agent faces

Matt Felzke Marketing & Communications Manager
Marketing & Communications Manager
Matt Felzke
Matt is a Marketing Communications Manager, focused on spreading the good word about technology that makes our lives easier. He lives for food and friend experiences in urban spaces.

Screen Shot 2018-08-17 at 12.47.54 PM.pngThe internet is a lot of things, but most importantly for real estate, it is a marketplace!. Fortunately, there’s no end to the frontier of the world wide web, so you can and should claim some space so home buyers and sellers will remember that you are someone who can help them.

It might be overwhelming to keep up with what seems to be ever-changing trends for which forums, platforms, and websites you should be using to market your services, but there are some places on the internet where your face should definitely be found. Here are the top 5:

1. Your agent website

Screen Shot 2018-08-17 at 12.03.08 PM.pngThis might seem like a no-brainer, but you should definitely set up your own website that highlights your agency, your brand, your services and specialties, as well as your current listings and your success stories. You can do this through a simple wizard in Zap, and you can add to or edit it anytime.


💡Pro-tip: Make sure that your web page is not just text, but is also chock-full of high-quality images and videos. Today’s internet users have shortened attention spans, so injecting your brand with some captivating, memorable audiovisuals will help keep visitors’ attention.


2. Facebook

Screen Shot 2018-08-17 at 12.04.21 PM.png

It’s simply a part of the culture, if not the definitive platform that has and continues to shape conversations around the digital water cooler. Liking, sharing, commenting, connecting, posting, and so on are ways for you to establish credibility in real estate. Additionally, your face is prominently featured next to anything you share, so branding is built in. Facebook has rapidly expanded in relevance across demographics and been used to build so many businesses that you are guaranteed a wide audience of potential clients. Facebook ads allow you to target specific demographics who you want to know about your business, and are also highly customizable and generally pretty effective.


💡Pro-tip: Try using Facebook Live to capture key moments in your real estate business that show clients that you know your way around the process of buying and selling homes. Give sneak peeks, celebrate the handing over of keys, or host an open house while live on Facebook.


3. Your own blog

This is a place where you can reach customers who are searching for specific home-related topics. You could write about tips and tricks, success stories, lessons learned from “failures”, how-to guides, and anything else you know that prospective, current, and past clients might want to know about the real estate process.


💡Pro-tip: Use the blog feature in Zap. It allows you to publish content right onto your website for easy access by visitors who are already on your page - or just surfing the web. If someone finds a blog article you’ve written as a result of their organic search (thanks to built-in SEO), your face and your brand will be linked to it.


4. LinkedIn


Facebook’s more sophisticated, career-driven cousin is another social media platform that you shouldn’t be ignoring. It’s a great place to connect with other real estate professionals and to publish helpful content that asserts your expertise in engaging ways. Join groups, share content, and comment on others’ efforts to engage in meaningful, professional discourse.


💡Pro-tip: If you’re not ready for the regular editorial output of maintaining a blog, try the “Write an article” feature within LinkedIn. This option allows you to posit some thought leadership or share tips that contribute to the LinkedIn Pulse collective “blog”; you can even include dynamic images for the header and within your article.


5. Agent Insights

property insight.png

local insight.pngTo promote your expertise on specific homes and the communities in which they can be found, use Agent Insights. Agent Insights are made up of Property Insights and Local Insights. Property Insights allows you to give insider information about a home, while Local Insights invites you to give the lay of the land in a particular neighborhood or city. Both offer quick and easy ways to put yourself out there as a subject matter expert - and show up on your website when posted.


💡Pro-tip: Agent Insights and Property Insights can easily be done on the go. You’re the expert when it comes to describing, selling, and marketing a property or a neighborhood using your words. Now all you have to do is turn those words into quick, helpful reviews that inform home buyers and sellers before they invest time in an in-person visit—then sit back and watch as the brownie points roll in for your real estate credibility.


While there are plenty of places to showcase your real estate business online, it’s important to avoid feeling overwhelmed and focus on strategic stakes on the internet’s real estate. These five places are going to give you some serious bang and build your brand with little work and financial investment involved.


What are some other online places you would recommend to fellow agents to position themselves, their faces, and ultimately, their real estate brands?