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The more you know: How Debbie Shealey uses Zap’s Search Insights

Senior Product Content Strategist
Senior Product Content Strategist
Bria Hunter
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DebbieShealey.pngIt’s always good to know which of your Contacts are the most active. That’s why you’ve got the ZapScore℠ ranking! But sometimes you need a little more info. Are your active searchers laser-focused on a particular neighborhood, or looking all over? What’s their price range? How many bedrooms are they thinking?

With Zap, you don’t just get to see who’s active – you get an inside look at the details of a Contact’s activity. 

For Debbie Shealey of Coldwell Banker Seaside Realty, Search Insights in Zap provide that extra bit of information about a customer that can help her start narrowing down what they want in a home.


Use the Contact Profile as a resource

Search Insights are located right under ZapScore details on the Contact Profile, so you can go straight from finding out how active your Contact has been to seeing what’s bringing them back to your site. Home Profile Insights give you a quick look at the typical characteristics of homes your Contact has shown interest in, and City and Neighborhood Insights give you a breakdown of the locations your Contact is searching within.


Debbie uses both features, in addition to signing in, checking out saved homes and searches, and making Agent Recommendations. “It helps to see what they’re interested in, set up a search, and stay posted on what interests them,” she said. 


Focusing on active, tech-literate Contacts

When I asked Debbie what she does when she gets a new lead, she had a great answer: “I go in and sign in as Contact.” It’s a great way to start exploring their search experience from their perspective – and even to begin sharing ideas on homes and searches they’ll like. But Debbie’s strategic about how she proceeds – every consumer is different, and “Hey – I saw you were looking, so I added 14 homes to your online account!” can be overwhelming for some people.

“If they’re in the early stages or not used to the technology, it can get them upset,” Debbie acknowledged – so instead of diving into a pile of recommendations for every new lead, she concentrates on Contacts for whom it’ll be a really productive move.

“You’ve got to look for the people with high ZapScores,” Debbie advised. “I have one with 22 homes saved.” Not only do those Contacts have much more data to work with under Search Insights, but they might be more comfortable with you stepping in online to help with their search experience. 



Digging into the data

City and Neighborhood Insights are particularly interesting to Debbie – just an overview of where someone’s concentrating their search efforts can help you picture the kind of homes they might be happy in. “It’s colorful, you have that little list beside it, and it shows all the different cities. When I use it, it definitely helps.”



Debbie’s got goals for the insights she gets in Zap. For one, she’s planning on continuing to use the ZapScore as a guide. “It’s helping us to have a customer relationship management system that we can use. My goal is to have the number score, once I have 100 active Contacts.”  And she’s also on the lookout for opportunities to use the data in Home Profile Insights and City and Neighborhood Insights to boost engagement for Contacts who already have some momentum built up (like the Contact with 22 saved homes). “I’ve found clients like that who don’t have any saved searches set up!”


Do you use Search Insights to aid your prospecting efforts or to better understand your Contacts? Got any tips? Share them in the comments section!


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