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Paving the way: how Zap Specialists are teaching the next generation of agents

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Christine Nedilsky
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Being a Zap Specialist isn’t always the easiest job, but it’s certainly rewarding. Just ask Michelle Korosy, Karen Hocutt, and Denise Whipp, three ERA Zap Specialists who spend their time teaching others how to use Zap. Although their offices range in size, and location (South Carolina all the way up to Pennsylvania), they all face similar challenges—and success stories!


Paving the way

Michelle Korosy has been with ERA Justin Realty Co. for 11 years, and has been on Zap since it’s early beta days. Before Zap, her office used a lead management system, but it was clunky and no one was particularly happy with it. “I think it’s shocking for people who were never in this business to learn how unorganized, low-tech, and behind-the-times real estate agents used to be,” Michelle told me. “The industry is changing, and Zap is a big part of that.”

Denise Whipp shares a similar view. During her 20 years in the real state business, she’s seen a fair share of agents retire sooner than planned because they chose not to keep up with the technology. “They’re afraid of it,” Denise said. “But once I give them a little nudge to try Zap, they come back and tell me it’s fantastic.”

“We are all super excited about Zap,” Karen Hocutt told me. “There's really not too much of a learning curve to Zap. If I can figure it out, anyone can.”


Getting in the game

A little competition never hurt anyone—especially when it comes to real estate. “Agents are super competitive,” Michelle said. “We have a leadership circle in our office that recognizes the top agents, and we just revamped it to include the ProScore. All of a sudden, I have people who have never logged in before, who are logging in because they want to win!” she laughed.


Keeping up with Zap

Zap is an ever-changing platform, which is why it’s so important to have a Zap Specialist on your team that’s committed to keeping up with those changes. “We talk about Zap at every sales meeting, and I’m always available to help our agents with Zap,” Denise said. “It’s easy because there’s always something new in Zap.”

If you’ve tried to use Zap back in the day but haven’t revisited the platform in a while, now is the time. “Zap is immensely different now than when we first launched,” Michelle explained. “I’ve always felt that the Zap team was super sincere about wanting to make a really good product and wanting to help us, and I appreciate that.”


Zap Specialists: How do you encourage your agents to use and improve their Zap game? Let us know!