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More than a CRM: How Scott Lauri uses Zap to build relationships that last

Content Strategist
Content Strategist
Christine Nedilsky
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While attending ERA IBC in Las Vegas recently, I had the pleasure of speaking with Scott Lauri. Scott has been an agent with ERA Central Realty Group for 20 years, and has been a supporter of Zap since its humble beginnings. 
"The capability within Zap to see exactly what your customers are doing, and to get feedback quickly is invaluable,” Scott told me. "It’s not just a CRM, it goes much further to help you engage with your customers.”
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Building relationships that last
Scott and his team are huge advocates of Follow-up Plans. Follow-up Plans allow you to define a series of calls and emails (automated and personally sent) for each of your contacts in Zap, giving you drip email capability with a huge amount of flexibility. Scott loves how Follow-up Plans helps agents be more efficient with their work, especially when growing a client base. 
"In your career, you’ll eventually get to the point where you’re working with so many customers, some of whom might have a long time frame until they’re going to purchase,” he said. Agents do a wonderful job working with leads that want to buy right now. But when working with a customer that’s going to transact in 6, 9, 12, 18 months—the likeliness is that after a month, that customer won’t be top of mind. Follow-up Plans help you keep in touch with those customers.”
Starting your career with Zap
ERA Central Realty Group is a big company full of successful agents. Scott recounted one of their agent’s first experience with Zap. He had only been in the business for two weeks. He got a lead through Zap, called the person, and scheduled an appointment to see a house. They went out to see the house, but the house just wasn’t the right fit for the customer.” 
Thinking on his feet, the agent decided to take the client out for lunch. There he logged back into their MLS and found two additional properties—and one of them turned out to be the one! "He didn’t even know how to write a contract yet, but he knew how to use Zap to find leads and follow-up with contacts. Five weeks in he had his first transaction because of Zap.”
Marketing on the job
Scott stresses to his agents that the easiest way to knock out Property Insights is when you’re actually on the appointment. "Talk to your client about the app, record what they liked or didn’t like about the property, and then use their feedback to complete a Property Insight. They’ll never know that while you were showing with them, you were able to do a bit of marketing at the same time!
Although Zap is a wonderful tool, Scott understands that you still need to put in work to be a successful agent. "Zap isn't going to solve the real estate game for you, but it is going to help you do what you do. You have to put something into it to get something out of it. Unless Zap starts to use artificial intelligence,” he said with a laugh.