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Making the switch: How ERA Wilder Realty boosted traffic with Zap

Marissa Azzara Product Manager
Product Manager
Marissa Azzara
Marissa is newly a Product Manager on the team. She used Zap for 8 years as an agent and closed almost 100 transactions.

Change isn’t always easy – but it’s often well worth it.

That’s what Lucinda Brasington, VP of Operations at ERA Wilder Realty, found out when it came to her company’s Zap website.

In July of 2015, ERA Wilder Realty had a WordPress website with bells and whistles galore – plenty of extra content pages, photo galleries, and the ability to add more and more at will. ERA Wilder Realty’s online presence wasn’t something Lucinda ever took lightly. So when the company launched on Zap in August of 2015, she definitely had concerns about transitioning away from the site the company was used to providing. 

Lucinda.png“I didn’t want to at first – but the owner said we had to transition.” It’s easy to see why that switch would be scary – and why the old website felt like a lot to give up. But it was becoming clearer and clearer to ERA Wilder Realty that their old website wasn’t providing the speed and ease of use consumers expected – and its search capabilities weren’t up to snuff. And it was becoming clear that easy, intuitive search capability was the deciding factor in keeping online consumers satisfied.

So in November 2015, ERA Wilder Realty flipped the switch. And they kept a close eye on their stats during the process.

Tracking the results

Despite their concerns, ERA Wilder Realty saw a steady climb in their traffic. By the time November was over, their traffic had increased by 2,000 visitors – by April, it was up 5,000, and by July of 2016, it was up 8,000. 

Lucinda wasn’t just tracking overall traffic – she had plenty of specific metrics in mind, too. Google Analytics became her best friend: she looked at the company’s number of web sessions, unique visitors, bounce rates, page views, and much more. She tracked lead conversion from initial traffic to registered leads to closed deals. And she saw some definite differences.

Comparing 2015 to now, Lucinda says “social, paid traffic, and email traffic are way up.” She says that some of it has to do with agents sending more emails and the company becoming even more active on social media – but some of it is “just intrinsic in how the Zap site is working.”

Leads, leads, and more leads

The fact that ERA Wilder Realty is utilizing the ZapLeads program doesn’t hurt, either. They took advantage of ERA’s Light It Up program (a dollar-for-dollar match toward their ZapLeads budget) and invested in targeted search engine marketing that’s helping them provide even more leads for their agents. Lucinda says she’s been happy with the amount of showing requests and registrations the company has been seeing – and in fact, there have been times when ZapLeads has brought in so many leads that her agents have had to hustle to contact them all!

Knowing what makes a difference

We asked Lucinda if she had any advice for other companies transitioning over to a Zap site and wanting to keep their SEO and traffic stats at the top of the charts. Her first tip: “Before you do it, understand where you’ve been before in terms of numbers. That way, you’ll be able to appreciate your successes.” Some increases are steady and gradual – but companies will be able to really see the difference if they pay close attention to their stats.

For Lucinda, making sure that she was tracking the right things was important, and it’s something she thinks every company should be sure to take into account. For ERA Wilder Realty, conversion numbers for traffic to leads is an important metric – it gives them confidence that they’re not just boosting their number of anonymous visitors, they’re actually capturing more leads.

It’s also important to understand your benchmarks: for example, Lucinda mentioned that the industry standard for traffic to lead conversion was about 2 to 4%. Keeping that number in mind helps Lucinda take stock of where ERA Wilder Realty is relative to others in terms of lead generation and conversion – and from what we’ve heard and seen, they’re in an excellent spot so far.