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Making connections: How Bret Hasvold uses Zap to provide personalized service

Product Manager
Product Manager
Marissa Azzara
Marissa is newly a Product Manager on the team. She used Zap for 8 years as an agent and closed almost 100 transactions.

Bret.pngBret Hasvold of Coldwell Banker Village Properties may have grown up surrounded by the real estate industry – but that doesn’t mean he’s unwilling to embrace a little something new. He’s been an agent himself for less than two years, and he’s already making great headway with Zap’s features. We spoke with Bret and found out more about how he’s using Property Insights, Agent Reviews, and New Listing Alerts to stay in touch with clients, help establish his reputation, and provide the kind of value that keeps customers engaged and coming back for more.

 Keeping up with Property Insights

Property Insights is one of the features Bret uses most often – in fact, this isn’t the first time he’s told us about his strategy for posting Property Insights. He’s even picked up his activity since the last time we spoke.

“Anytime I do previews or house showings, I post them,” he shared. Bret’s proactive about Property Insights – when he knows he has an interested client looking in a certain price range or neighborhood, he’ll start posting Property Insights for homes that match those criteria.



Getting more reviews

Property Insights aren’t the only way Bret makes sure his website reflects his expertise as an agent. He’s also collecting Agent Reviews. When he wants a client to review him, Bret says “I’ll usually talk to them about it in person” as a bit of a heads up when they’re getting closer to wrapping up a deal. Then, once they do close, he’ll follow-up again with a customized email that includes the link for the customer to leave a review.

It can take a little bit of adjusting to ask for reviews if you’re not used to it – but it doesn’t have to be uncomfortable. If you don’t have any reviews yet, Bret suggests asking your sphere of influence. “Start out asking the people closest to you to leave you a review.” You can add those people into Zap and have them review you on your agent website. It’s a good way to get started building your online reputation.



Getting ahead with New Listing Alerts

Bret likes to stay ahead of the game when it comes to New Listing Alerts, too. “If I get a lead and their profile shows that they’ve looked at even one home, I’ll get them set up on New Listing Alerts,” Bret said. If they haven’t started looking yet, he’ll follow up with them as soon as he can to find out what they’re looking for and set the alerts up.

If he does have some info, Bret says he’ll build a search designed to give the customer a good look at their options. “If they’ve looked at homes in Temecula, for example, I can use the square footage, price range, and expand the search to two neighboring areas.” That way, they can see homes they may have missed otherwise. “It shows that you’re going one step ahead for the customer.”

Saving a Search.png


Whether Bret is getting inquiries on the homes in his New Listing Alerts or making time to send his clients some Agent Recommendations, he knows the importance of making it personal. Leaving a note with a property recommendation or sending New Listing Alerts that are in the perfect neighborhood for their lifestyle can make a big difference. “It feels like a very personalized service,” he shared. That’s what his clients appreciate it – knowing that Bret’s looking out for them.