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How Heather Tindall makes tech work for her business

Bria Hunter Senior Product Content Strategist
Senior Product Content Strategist
Bria Hunter
Bria is a copywriter here at ZapLabs, focused on creating content that engages Zap's users and helps them navigate the product. Her dream home would have a library worthy of Disney's Belle.

HeatherTindall.pngThe tools we use on a daily basis tell a story about us and how we approach our work. A five star-chef doesn't feel quite at home in their kitchen without their chef knife. As a copywriter, I carry a pen and notebook nearly everywhere.

For Heather Tindall, Zap is the tool of her trade that helps her do her best work in real estate. We chatted with this savvy agent from New Jersey to interview her about her business and the impact that Zap and other tech tools have for her.


Zap from the beginning

When Heather mentioned that she’d only been in real estate since November of 2016, I was surprised – she operates with the zeal of someone who’s had time to get acclimated to real estate. 

“I owned a marketing company for contractors for the last decade, and I was ready for something different,” Heather told us. Real estate had always been a part of her life, though. “It was always a pastime for me and my dad, watching homes and market trends.”

She joined ERA Central Realty Group, and within her first week with the company, she was introduced to Zap. Now, she’s got it as a favorite in her toolbar all the time, and she logs in every day.

Keeping in touch and on track

Heather’s favorite feature? “The Follow-up Plans, hands down.” The built-in touchpoints really help her stay in touch. “They’re constant points of contact to stay in front of lookers and pre-listing sellers – that way I’m more likely to be someone that they reach out to when the time comes.”  

Figuring out who exactly to get in touch with can be confusing for some, but it’s much easier for Heather with the ZapScore. “It helps me to be more focused with who I’m spending my time on.” With a representation of how active each buyer or seller is, she can zero in on quality leads. The ZapScore details chart is a magnetic feature for Heather – “I love my little circle pie chart, and the more sections of the pie I get, the happier I am.”



Getting the ball rolling

People often say that introductions are the hardest part of an essay to write – and just the same, the very beginning of a conversation with a new lead can be the toughest. For Heather, Zap helps facilitate the beginning of that relationship. We asked what she does when she gets a brand new lead.

“I’ll add them into Zap, shoot them off a welcome email and customize it. Then they get added to a Follow-up Plan that I’ve customized…I have a video newsletter, and two sets of drip campaigns.” Heather breaks the ice with quality, customized content that matches her communication style – which is a great idea. 

Heather's follow-ups.png

She also wants to make sure that her leads are qualified, so she finds out if they’re pre-approved and willing to set up a meeting. “What I love about Zap is that the basic information about the lead is there. It’s a warm lead at worst, and it’s my job to take that lead and turn it into a client.”

Heather’s proactive about staying on top of her leads and keeping the new ones coming in – in fact, about halfway through our interview, she said “Actually, my Zap LeadRouter is calling right now – can you hold on two seconds?” Kudos on the response time, Heather!


Making the most of her tools

Heather’s truly a natural at marketing – her Instagram posts never feel forced, her Property Insights are informative and concise, and her reviews on her website are genuine. She uses the technology she has to highlight the in person service she’s providing. “I have a custom URL for my Zap site. It’s on my business cards, my videos, social media, and print marketing – HeatherTindall.com.”

Heather’s been featured by dotloop as one of their top 10 most tech-forward agents for 2017, and says that “Zap and dotloop are the two things I couldn’t run my business without.” Anything that helps her automate manual tasks gives her more time to devote to her high-activity buyers and sellers – so she can focus her attention on really understanding their needs. 


You can’t make a great real estate agent with technology alone. But when you take a stellar agent with motivation to succeed and give them the best tools to do the job, there’s no telling how far they’ll go. Heather Tindall is making her mark on New Jersey real estate – but more importantly, she’s building lasting relationships with colleagues and clients and making a difference in their real estate journey.