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Good news: dotloop integration is here

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Content Strategist
Christine Nedilsky
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How many times have you had to make an unexpected drive to a client’s home to drop off paperwork—or scramble to find a fax machine while in the middle of something important? If this sounds all too familiar, you’re not alone.


Paperwork is a huge part of being a real estate agent. It’s also an extremely time-consuming and frustrating process for everyone involved. Luckily, it’s 2018, and the strides made in the e-signature and transaction management world are huge! dotloop is a big part of that.


dotloop is an online workspace that connects everyone and everything needed to complete a real estate transaction—all in one place. It allows you and your clients to edit, complete, sign, and share documents without ever needing to print, fax, or email. And now it’s available through Zap!



How dotloop simplifies the real estate process

⏰Saves time

Because dotloop is done completely online, it improves and speeds the turnaround rate for your business. Less time dealing with paperwork = more time for you to do what you do best (sell homes!).


➰Keeps everyone in the loop
Buying and selling a home is hardly a one-person operation. Dotloop allows you to add all the necessary people involved in the transaction in the “loop.” This eliminates surprises and keeps everyone in the know.


🌲Saves trees
Reduce your carbon footprint and go green with dotloop! Handling all your paperwork online eliminates the need for paper, pens, and gas-guzzling drives to the office.


👁 Gives you real time visibility
Whether you want to know the status of all transactions or sort all deals by close date, dotloop can help you see what’s going on in real time.


How to integrate your Zap account with dotloop

To link your dotloop account to your Zap account, click the ZapStore link in the left navigation panel and select “Link Dotloop.” Once you’re linked, you’ll be able to start a loop from any Contact Profile. Loops are also pulled from dotloop and displayed alongside Zap transactions, so both systems talk to each other.

Once you’ve linked with your active account, you can begin a “loop” within Zap. Here’s how:


1. Click on a Contact to go to their Contact Profile.

2. Click on “More” to open the menu and click on “Loop It” at the bottom of the list of options. Alternatively, you can scroll to the “Business” section and click the “Loop It” button beside any completed showing request.

3. You’ll be taken to a form that allows you to start a new loop. Input the property details, contact name, transaction type, status, and any other required details. Press “Create Loop” when you’re done.

4. Your loops will be stored in Zap under Transactions, which you can find in the left navigation panel under “Business” (filter by “From Dotloop”) or on an individual Contact’s Profile under the “Business” section.