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Driving agents to success: a chat with Kayla Litchfield

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Kayla Litchfield, manager of the Lead Generation Department at ERA First Advantage Realty Inc., is one of Zap’s biggest fans. She’s also a Zap Specialist, a Zap Elite member, and a helpful participant in the Zap Community. Kayla’s enthusiasm for Zap is contagious, so I was super excited to finally meet her in person at ERA IBC in Las Vegas last month.

"Zap is my proudest accomplishment ever," Kayla told me. "It’s the first time in my career that I feel like I did something right. I’ve seen the agents have success thanks to my training, and that’s so exciting to me.”


From retail to real estate 

Kayla wasn’t always in real estate; in fact, she started out her career as the co-manager of Talbots. “I was great at connecting with people, but I would spent my whole paycheck on clothes!” she laughed. “I quickly realized that retail wasn’t going to work for me.”

In 2012, Kayla decided to make the switch over to Relocation Coordinator at ERA First Advantage Realty. One of her first assigments was to take on Zap. She got right to work learning the platform and developing a training program to teach the other agents how to use it. The following are some of her top Zap tips that she's collected over the years. 


Show what you know

Kayla believes the power of Zap lies in its analytical data. “It’s never fun when you reach out to a potential client and they don’t respond,” Kayla said. “But with Zap, you can check out what your Contact is looking for, and then set them up on New Listing Alerts based on their search criteria. What do you have to lose?”

Go the extra mile

Scripted emails help you stay in contact without much effort, but they shouldn’t be your only means of communicating. “Email scripts are great, but you shouldn’t rely too heavily on them,” said Kayla. “People can see right through email scripts; they don’t feel genuine. If you really want a lead to convert, you have to put in the extra effort and show you care.”

Sending a personalized email doesn’t have to be complicated. Try including something basic, like a comment about the weather. For example, you can write: “Hey Christine. I’m so glad it’s 80 degrees this week. I’m sure you’re loving this weather!” See? Simple, but effective! It instantly makes you sound like a human. “The way you talk online should be the way you talk in person,” Kayla said.


The power of video 
Real estate agents talk to people all day every day, so talking in a video shouldn’t be a scary task. Kayla stresses the importance of creating videos in all of her trainings. I’ll ask my agents what their kids like to do, and they’ll tell me they’re always on their phones watching videos. Everyone acknowledges that our future buyers and sellers love YouTube, so that’s where you should be! You don’t have to be perfect; I would rather watch someone human than a robot.”