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All in with Zap: Spotlight on Zap Elite’s Toni Gugliotta

Marissa Azzara Product Manager
Product Manager
Marissa Azzara
Marissa is newly a Product Manager on the team. She used Zap for 8 years as an agent and closed almost 100 transactions.

Toni.pngWhen it comes to Zap, Antonietta ‘Toni’ Gugliotta of ERA Insite Realty Services is all in – and she’s seeing the benefits of it.

For Toni, online business is booming in New York, even during a traditionally slower season. “The day before Thanksgiving, actually, I had 10 leads in one day,” she told us. She’s been seeing her business expand since she made her Zap site her primary web presence, and she says it was an all-around positive transition – she didn’t encounter any problems.

“My old site was the problem,” Toni said. Her Zap site has a lot more to offer, all in one place. And best of all, she’s been able to build Zap into her routine with ease. She logs in often to check on her Contacts (she’s got well over 300 of them). And even though many of those Contacts are just beginning to look around, Toni’s got a game plan at the ready for them.

“I’ll get them on a Follow-up Plan,” Toni told us. She’ll send periodic emails to new leads, get them on New Listing Alerts, and even walk them through some of the features available on the consumer website, like more advanced search filters.

While she’s at it, Toni’s got marketing herself with Local Insights and Property Insights built into her routine as well. “It’s very easy to do. I go to a lot of open houses.” When she knows which homes she’s going to visit for the day in advance, she puts in a showing appointment with each address. Thanks to Zap’s mobile CRM app, she can add tags and comments before she even leaves each property.

Toni also posts Local Insights on local cities like Yonkers and Bronxville whenever the inspiration hits. She says she jumps on it right away – and it’s worth the effort. Some of her clients have found her Local Insights helpful and mentioned them to her.

Having a mobile CRM isn’t just helpful for adding Property Insights and Local Insights while the information is fresh in her mind. Toni says she can respond to leads on the go and give them a call. We’re sure her responsiveness is paying off: she’s racking up plenty of 5-star reviews from her clients. 

So how does Toni do it?

Knowing that she can get answers when she needs them is a huge part of it. Toni is a familiar face here on the Zap Community – she’s not afraid to ask questions and take part in discussions. She even answers quite a few questions herself, and she’s got a page full of badges and 27 accepted solutions to show for it so far. We all learn from each other – and Toni says “The Community really is doing a fantastic job.”

Toni’s advice for other users

“You don’t have to be technical to use it,” Toni told us. She’s a leader within her company when it comes to adopting Zap – she even got ERA Insite Realty Services to do a class on posting Local Insights. But Toni also says that she’s gotten a ton of her know-how right here on the Community.

We’re glad to hear it –and glad that she’s adding to the knowledge every day!