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Above and beyond: How Seth Tilton uses Zap to exceed clients’ expectations

Marissa Azzara Product Manager
Product Manager
Marissa Azzara
Marissa is newly a Product Manager on the team. She used Zap for 8 years as an agent and closed almost 100 transactions.

Seth.pngSeth Tilton of ERA Evergreen Real Estate has been on Zap for just about as long as he’s been in the real estate industry. “When I joined, our brokerage was just rolling it out,” he said. “I’ve kind of grown-up with it, in a way.”

In his two years, he’s developed a sound strategy for making the most of Zap’s features and using it to help him bring in great business. We spoke with Seth about some of his favorite features – and the impact they have on potential clients.


Painting the picture with Property Insights

Seth is outstandingly dedicated when it comes to Property Insights. With a new post almost every time he sees a property, he offers customers browsing his website an inside perspective on tons of homes across Hilton Head Island, Bluffton, and other sought-after locales in South Carolina. “I put some focus on the location – for Hilton Head Island, they’re often searching from afar,” Seth explained. He’ll talk about the different communities, include relevant keywords, and try to give a balanced description of the property. “People will be more likely to keep reading your content if it’s honest,” Seth shared.


“Picture yourself walking through the house, like you’re the buyer,” Seth advises. His strategy is try to strike a balance between a listing agent’s sales-oriented perspective and a potential buyer’s perspective. “Be succinct, honest, and tell them what they need to know, not just what they want to hear.”


Ahead of the game with New Listing Alerts

“I probably use New Listing Alerts the most frequently,” Seth told us. “I set them up for pretty much every lead.” They’re designed to bring customers back by giving them exactly what they’re looking for, even if they’re still browsing. “I can look at the price range, the town they’re looking in and sign them up.” More often than not, they’ll start opening the emails.

Once they do open those emails, they’re able to take a look at potential homes as soon as they’re on the market – and it’s super easy to click through to Seth’s website.


When results become reviews

Thanks to Seth’s great ratings and reviews, curious customers never need to doubt whether Seth can provide great service. So far, he’s gotten all 5-star reviews. “Some of them leave short reviews, some leave lengthy ones – but it’s always nice to be recognized and have that show up on your site,” Seth says. Since his clients submit their reviews through his Zap site, viewers can see a name associated with every review and feel confident that they’re reliable. “That helps you avoid the perception that all of your 5-star reviews are from your Mom,” Seth said (with a chuckle). He also takes advantage of the response feature, which lets him personally thank each client who takes the time to give him a review.


“Getting a review is one of the best things you can do – other people are giving you credit for the work that you do.”


Whether Seth’s clients are complimenting him on his helpfulness, his responsiveness, or his hard work, it’s clear that he goes above and beyond for his customers. We’re glad to have him on board with Zap!