Removing contacts from Zap

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There may be times when you want to remove a contact from Zap. You might have added a test contact or maybe you received a lead that you didn't want to work with. Think twice before acting! Once you remove a contact, you won’t be able to get it back.


Leads can be non-responsive early on—more than 50% of leads take more than 6 months to close—so patience can definitely be a virtue!


Remove Broker Leads

Broker Leads are leads that have been generated by your broker and assigned to you or another agent.  They are managed by your admin or broker. If you don’t want to work with these leads, you can remove these leads from your account. Removed leads will be sent back to your broker who will decide whether to reassign the lead or mark it as Dead or Bogus. To remove your Broker Leads:


  1. From anywhere in Zap, search for the  contact you’d like to remove. This should bring you to their Contact Profile.  
  2. Click More to access a dropdown.
  3. Scroll and select Remove from Contacts.
  4. Indicate your reason for removing the contact. This will help to inform your broker of why you don’t want to work the lead.


Delete Agent Leads

Agent leads are contacts you’ve personally added or generated through your marketing efforts. You can delete Agent Leads from Zap at any time. To delete your Agent Leads:


  1. From anywhere in Zap, search for  the contact you’d like to delete. This should bring you to their Contact Profile.  
  2. Click More to access a dropdown.
  3. Scroll and select Delete Contact.
  4. Confirm your request by selecting Delete.
Gloria Choi August 30, 2018
by Michael Cook Curious Visitor
3 weeks ago

Is there not an option to remove more than one at a time?  Please don't tell me we have to do this individually? 

by Community Manager
3 weeks ago

Hello Michael, 


At the moment, the option to remove multiple contacts through Zap is not available. We are working on adding that feature and will send notice once its available in Zap news. In the mean time, your lead router admin can change the status of the contacts you want removed to bogus in leadrouter, which will remove them from your Zap contact list.


Zap Support, 


by Michael Cook Curious Visitor
3 weeks ago

Thanks, removing them one by one is extremly dumb and a total waste of time.

by Karen Gonzalez New Visitor
2 weeks ago

I have found that 95% of our office leads are going to one person rather than the individual that the client is trying to contact. Does this mean that person has complete admin access that other salespeople do not? How can this be resolved?

by Isaac Evenson - Volunteer Zap Ambassador
2 weeks ago - last edited 2 weeks ago

Welcome to the Zap Community. I would highly recommend having a chat with the LeadRouter Support team and ask them to help you (or an office admin) review all your agents and verify they are setup correctly in LeadRouter (and Zap).

One admin thought without currently seeing your setup might be that the person getting all the leads may be fully setup (Active, Participates, Zip Codes on and more) and have a wider availability than other agents have in your company/office.

LeadRouter Customer Service (800) 704-7237
Call Mon - Fri: 7:00am - 1:00am EST; Sat - Sun: 7:00 - 12:00am EST

If they give you any run around, come back here and post again and I can certainly reach out to you by phone (you are 3 hours ahead in the Eastern Time Zone) and help you review things remotely (via ), but I likely can only direct back to LeadRouter Support on possible issues for them to help fix.

Karen Gonzalez's public Zap page for reference:,-Inc.-4450c/Karen-Gonzalez-...