Receive, Accept and Update Leads in Zap

Receive New Leads


You can receive new leads from your agent website, your company website, marketing placements on other sites, and direct calls to your broker office as well as through traffic you are generating through your efforts on social media, email marketing and other forms of marketing you’re doing.


When company generated leads are being routed to you, you need to accept them in order to receive them in Zap. You will get a phone call when a lead is being routed to you – you must follow the steps below to accept the lead. After accepting the lead, you will find it in Zap.


For leads that you have generated, you will not have to accept them to receive them in Zap. You will get a notification phone call to let you know that you have a new lead, and you will find it in Zap.



Accept New Leads


When a new lead is being routed to you, you’ll get a call from (970) 660-5323. To accept the lead, follow the instructions in the call. First, you’ll be prompted to press 1 to indicate you have answered the call and that you are not voicemail. At this point, you will hear some basic details about the lead. Next, you will be prompted to press 1 to accept the lead.


If you miss the call, and your company is using claim times, you will receive a text, email and voicemail, which will allow you to reply to accept the lead.


  • You’ll receive a text from the short code 66914. Reply YES to accept.  Please note: You will only receive texts to accept leads if you have opted in to lead acceptance text messaging. To do this, text Yes to 66914 and you will receive a confirmation text that says “Thanks for joining Zap messages”. You can also opt in by going to your Lead & Notification Settings page in Zap under your picture and turning on the “Texts on?” toggle under the Lead Acceptance settings.
  • You’ll receive an email from Reply to that email. You don’t need to include any information in the email.
  • You’ll receive a voicemail from (970) 660-5323. Just call the number back and the system will know who you are from caller ID. You will be prompted to accept the lead by pressing 1.

It’s a good idea to add this phone number and text short code to your phone as a contact, so that you’ll recognize the call or text, and can respond quickly. You can name the contact Zap or New Lead.


You can verify that we have the correct contact information for you on the Lead and Notification Settings page in Zap under Contact Information.   If your contact information is incorrect, you can edit your contact information and hours of availability for new lead acceptance. For more information, see Lead and Notification Settings.



Funnel Leads into Zap from Zillow, Trulia and


You can funnel leads from Zillow, Trulia, and many other lead sources directly into Zap.  To do so, you need your Routing email address.  You can find this under the Lead and Notification Settings page in Zap - look for Routing Email.


Your Routing email address will look something like this:


Once you have your Routing email address, you’ll want to add that to your lead generation account (on Zillow, Trulia or  Here are the steps to do so for Zillow (each lead source will be different):

1. Go to and sign in to your account
2. Click “Agent Hub” on the upper right corner of the page
3. From the dropdown menu select “Account Settings”
4. Notice the email address that is currently in the “Email” field. You will need it for step 6.
5. Click the “Edit e-mail” link to the right of the “Email” field.  Enter your Routing email address in “New” and “Confirm” fields and then “Submit”.
6. Under the “Secondary Email Address” section click the “Add a secondary e-mail address” link.  Add the email address you noticed in step 4 and “Submit”.


Leads that flow into Zap from these lead sources will be tagged as Agent Leads.  



Find New Leads


Once you have accepted a lead, you will find the lead at the New Leads area of your Dashboard. By clicking on the name, you’ll be taken to their Contact Profile where you can click on History to find the full details of the lead. To learn about contacting your new leads using Zap, check out Contacting Leads using the Contact Summary. After you have contacted them, they will fall off your Dashboard.


If you have already contacted them prior to finding them in Zap (you might have called them right after receiving them), you can use the Search feature in Zap to search for them by name. You can also find them under “Updates Due”. These leads don’t have a follow-up plan assigned to them yet. By assigning them to a follow-up plan, they will fall off your Updates Due list. You can also mark the contact with them as "Already Done."



Lead Routing Rules


Your broker can set up lead routing rules based on area coverage, price ranges, language, specialized agent groups, etc. Your broker can route leads in a variety of ways and set up website specific routing rules to treat different types of lead differently. For example, leads from your website can be treated differently than leads from Zillow. If you have specific questions about any of these items, please contact your broker.



Update Leads


Depending on your company’s business rules about company-generated leads, you will need to update your leads within a certain amount of time, and on a regular basis, to stay eligible to receive new leads.




To update your leads, do one of the following:


  • Log call notes with your Contact using the blue phone button in Zap.
  • Email your Contact using the blue email button in Zap.
  • Text your Contact from your Zap CRM app.
  • Update the Contact’s profile notes.
  • Update the Contact’s Relationship.
  • Assign your Contact to a Follow-up Plan.
  • Add a Note.
  • Sign in as your Contact.
  • Mark the note as Already Done.


You can find any leads that need to be updated under Updates Due on the Zap dashboard. Leads that have a yellow indicator need to be updated within 24 hours so that you can stay eligible to receive new leads. Leads that have a red indicator need to be updated immediately so that you will be eligible to receive leads again.

Marissa Azzara November 26, 2018
Friendly Explorer

Our office manager receives Zap leads in an email before the agents receive the Zap lead phone call. This creates confusion, because the office manager will then forward the email lead to another agent becuase she is not aware that it will be eventually be sent via phone call to a different agent. Is there a way for leads to go only to the agent via phone call and not to the office manager via email?

Savvy Adventurer

In our office the agent is called first and the broker then gets an email with a subject of LR form match. He then knows that an agent accpted the lead. If it is a no form match or halted, both he and I as the admin get the email. That is all set up in Leadrouter. 

Community Manager



Thanks for your input James, that is correct. Your leadrouter admin should get the notifications first for new leads. Please contact Leadrouter directly at (800)704-7237 between the hours of Mon - Fri: 7:00am - 1:00am EST; Sat - Sun: 7:00 - 12:00am EST, to have them update your lead notifications in Leadrouter. 


Zap Support,