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Each of your Contacts has a thorough Contact Profile in Zap. The Contact Profile is where you can view important information on your Contact, including actionable insights, communication history, contact information, and much more.



Click your Contact’s name in blue anywhere in Zap to go to their Contact Profile. At the top of the Contact Profile, you’ll see your Contact’s name and tags that give you quick information about them. You’ll also see the options to Log a Call or Send an Email.


Click on the More drop-down to do the following:


Add a Touchpoint Note: Click here to keep track of any update or communication you've had with your Contacts that doesn't fit into one of the phone call or email categories. 


Sign in as Contact: Click here to sign into your Contact's website account to save homes and save searches for them with New Listing Alerts.


Ask for Review: Click here to send an email that asks your Contact to leave you a review on Zap's Consumer Products. You can customize the email before sending.


Share my Mobile App Link: Click here to send your Contact an email containing a link to download your mobile app. You can customize the email before sending.


Send Welcome Email: Click here to welcome email to your Contact. We'll provide you with an email template, but you can customize it before sending.


Remove from Contacts: Click here to remove a Broker Lead. You can return the lead to your broker by selecting why you want to remove the Contact.  


Delete Contact: Click here to delete an Agent Lead. 



Basic Info



In this section, you can view tags that Zap has created based on your Contact's characteristics. You can also add your own custom tags that describe this Contact. To add your own custom tag, type the name of your tag into the provided field and click Add.


Contact Info

Here you can view, add, or edit phone numbers and email addresses for your Contact.


If you’d like to add to or edit this section, click the pencil icon.


  1. If you want to change an existing phone number or email address, click into the field to modify the text.
  2. If you want to add a new phone number or email address, click + Add more contact info. Use the drop-down menu to choose whether you’re adding a phone number or email address, and then type the number or email address into the field provided.

Click Save when you’re done.


Quick Dates

Use this section to see key dates and find out how recently you’ve gotten in touch with your Contact. You can view the date on which you last contacted them, their last login date, the date of their last inbound email, and the date they were entered into Zap.


You can also set a Priority Date – a specific date on which you’d like to contact this person in the future.


To set a Priority Date:


  1. Click + Add Priority Date.
  2. Type in your reason for getting in touch.
  3. Click into the date field. You’ll see a calendar pop up beneath the field. Select the date on which you’d like to get in touch with your Contact from the calendar.
  4. If you'd like the date to repeat yearly (like a birthday or anniversary), check the box to do so. You'll need to set a date that's in the future, so set it for the next time that the event will occur.
  5. Click Save. Once you’ve saved a Priority Date for a Contact, they’ll show up in your Dashboard under Priority on that day.

Account Info

This section gives you key information about your Contact’s Zap account. You can view their login for your consumer website, and gather some information on how your Contact’s consumer account is linked with your CRM. The field labeled Agent Status lets you know whether you’re a Primary Agent (the agent within your company assigned to work with this Contact's website account) or the Secondary Agent (indicating that another agent within your company is working with them). The field labeled Lead Type lets you know whether you or your brokerage generated this Contact’s business on your website. You can also view the lead source and check to see whether your Contact has opted in to receive bulk email.


You can also modify your Contact’s Status and Client type in this section. Just click the pencil icon, select a new Status or Client type from the menu, and click Save when you’re finished.


Personal Details

Here's where you can edit your Contact's name and make note of their current address. Click the pencil icon to edit, and click Save once you’re done.


Profile Notes

Jot down any important details about your Contact that you’d like to remember in the profile notes section. You can add to or modify your profile notes whenever you’d like. To do so, just click the pencil icon, type in your notes, and click Save.


Click +Show Additional Details to view the metro in which your Contact is located as well as their Client ID, Customer ID, and Lead ID. Click –Hide Additional Details to collapse this section.





Use this section to gain some insight into your customer’s recent activity on your website. You’ll see their current ZapScore and a sentence describing their activity level.


You’ll also see a chart that breaks down their activity by type, frequency, and how recently it occurred. Look at the color-coded key on the right side of the chart to identify a specific type of activity. Hover over that color-coded section of the graph to see how recently your Contact completed the action indicated and how frequently they completed that action within a certain time period.


For more information, check out our Knowledge Base article on understanding the ZapScore.



Search Insights


Home Profile Insights

Use Home Profile Insights to get a glimpse of what your Contact is looking for in a home. Zap will take all the homes your Contact has saved or viewed in the past 60 days, and show you the median price, the most common number of beds and baths, the median square footage, and the most common property type among those homes. Home Profile Insights may take up to 24 hours to update.


City and Neighborhood Insights

This section gives you a look at the neighborhoods where your Contact has viewed and saved the most homes in the past 60 days. City & Neighborhood Insights may take up to 24 hours to update.



Search Activity


Here you can view your Contact’s Saved Homes, Saved Searches, and Recently Viewed Homes. Click View All to see more home and search details.



Campaigns & Follow-ups


Priority Dates

Priority Date are specific dates when you want to be reminded to reach out to a specific Contact. To add a new Priority Date for your Contact, click Add Priority.


Watched Homes Updates

Watched Home Updates are email alerts that keep sellers up to date on recently sold and recently listed homes similar to their own. If your Contact has signed up to receive Watched Home Updates, you can see details on the home or homes they’re watching here. Click on the address or the pencil icon to sign in as the Contact and manage their watched homes – or set one up yourself. Learn how in our Knowledge Base article about Watched Home Updates.


New Listing Alerts

New Listing Alerts are email alerts that are sent to buyers who have saved a set of search criteria. If your Contact has saved a search and opted into New Listing Alerts, they’ll receive emails from you letting them know when new homes that match their criteria hit the market.


In this section, you can see the saved searches your Contact is receiving alerts for, and sign in as your Contact to modify the search – or, you can set your Contact up to receive these alerts. Learn how in our Knowledge Base article about New Listing Alerts.


Follow-up Plan

Under Follow-up Plan, you can view the Follow-up Plan your Contact is currently assigned to, preview your next scheduled touchpoint, and change or remove the Follow-up Plan for this Contact. If your Contact isn’t on a Follow-up Plan yet, just click + Add Follow-up Plan to choose one. Learn more about Follow-up Plans in this Knowledge Base article.





The Business section keeps track of all business in Zap that is linked with your Contact. All Showing Appointments, Listing Appointments, and Requests for Info that your Contact has submitted show up in this section of their Contact Profile.


You can view and modify the details for any appointment or request in this section by clicking View Details. Learn more about Listing AppointmentsShowing Appointments, and Requests for Info in our Knowledge Base.


You can see if any of your listings are associated with this Contact in the Listings section. If you do have a listing linked with this Contact’s account, you’ll see the property’s address, the date it was last updated, and its current status. For a more in-depth look at the listing, click View Details.


If you’d like to add a listing to this Contact’s Profile, just click + Add a Listing and select it from your listings. If you’d like to add a transaction to this Contact’s Profile, just click + Add a Transaction and select it from your transactons.





The History section lets you get a look at all of your communications with your Contact, and view key updates you’ve made to their account.


By default, you’ll see your ten most recent communications and updates. However, you can also use filters to narrow down your results. You can select a specific time frame, filter results by the author of the communication, or choose to view only notes, emails, or phone calls.


Once you find something you’d like to look into, click View Details to see that item’s full details, such as the full text of an email you sent, call notes, or a note detailing a Contact’s request on your consumer site.


Marissa Azzara August 20, 2018