Compliance Rules for Updating Leads

Keeping your leads up to date in Zap is always a good practice – and if your brokerage is using compliance rules, it may be a key to getting more leads routed your way.


What are compliance rules?


Compliance rules are requirements within each brokerage that determine how often an agent needs to contact or update each Contact in Zap in order to remain eligible to receive more company-generated leads.


Why do we need compliance rules?


Many brokers want to make sure that agents are keeping up with the leads being sent their way through the company’s website and app, especially if they’re continuing to send new leads to those agents. Compliance rules allow those brokers to continue sending new leads to agents who are staying in touch with their current leads, instead of piling them up on agents who are behind on communicating.


How do compliance rules work?


Agents are either:

  • In compliance, or "in the green,” meaning all of their leads are up to date for that particular day and they don’t have any leads that need immediate updates for the next day
  • Approaching out of compliance status, or "in the yellow,” meaning they have leads who need updates in the next 48 hours
  • or Out of compliance, "in the red,” meaning that they have leads who are overdue for an update.


Agents will continue to receive leads from their company as long as they’re in the green or the yellow. Once they enter the red status and become out of compliance, they may become ineligible to have company leads routed to them until they update those leads.


Who makes the rules?


It’s important to note that the Zap team doesn’t have final say over the frequency and timing of your required updates – your broker or LeadRouter admin does. Our team is able to provide defaults to start with, but your broker will need to adjust them to fit the frequency that works for your company, your market, and the kind of clients you’re serving.


I contacted my lead outside of Zap. How do I stay in compliance?


Notes are a great way to update your leads when you’ve gotten in touch with them outside of Zap or weren’t able to reach them. Under the button labeled “More” at the top of the Contact Profile, you can click “Add a Note”. From there, just type in a note – “Emailed Sam outside of Zap about the townhome on 14th street” or “Helen is on vacation until April 23rd – will touch base with her then.”


I’m out of compliance because I haven’t gotten in touch with a Contact who’s just not interested at the moment. How do I keep them in the system without having to update them twice a week?


Try changing the Contact’s Status to Cold or Closed – that way, the system will know that they don’t require the frequent touchpoints that an active new lead might. Our Knowledge Base article explains how to change a Contact’s Status.


I’m a broker (or Zap Specialist), and my agents are being asked to update leads too frequently. How can I relax compliance rules for my company?


Brokers, Zap Specialists and LeadRouter Admins for the company can go into LeadRouter and either relax the rules (require less frequent updates or reduce the number of updates needed) or turn off compliance entirely.  There are lots of options.  Call the help desk for assistance.

Marissa Azzara November 13, 2018
Friendly Explorer

I'm gradually adding all my leads into Zap as time permits.  I have been utilizing the reminder dates on some of them.  What I want to know is, for Broker generated leads sent to me via Zap I know that I get regular reminders of when I need to contact the leads to remain in compliance; but on the leads I add that I had prior to Zap, if I don't put in a reminder will they automatically come up in a certain amount of time for me to attend to them?  Or do I have to utilize the reminder one each.  If so, is there a way we can set up an automatic reminder like weekly, by-weekly or monthly that we can use instead of having to do it manually on each and every lead.  After hundreds of leads that can become very time consuming if we have to add the lead reminders all the time and every time we go into a lead.  I have leads that I don't want slipping through the cracks, what do you suggest.

Community Manager

Hello Linda,


Thank you for reaching out. This is a great question and I am happy to assist. In your case, which many agents have, we provide a cool feature called follow-up plans. These plans work as a reminder to follow-up with your clients, based off the type of clients they are considered. They are a series of tasks/touchpoints that will be displayed on your Dashboard when they are due. We currently have existing follow up plans created by your brand and your company. These follow up's can be found in the " Follow-up library", under "Manage"(in the left menu).  You can also create you own selecting the "Add Follow-up plan" button. There you would be able to set a variety of touch points, that can include phone call scrips, manual email scrips and automatic scripts. You can also set a time duration for each touchpoint, which will indicate the time the touch point is set for completion. To learn more about this feature here is our helpful knowledge base article one this topic:


Hope this help!

Budding Explorer

 Hi! I called the help desk number given in your article regarding relaxing the compliance rules for my office:


I’m a broker (or Zap Specialist), and my agents are being asked to update leads too frequently. How can I relax compliance rules for my company?


Brokers, Zap Specialists and LeadRouter Admins for the company can go into LeadRouter and either relax the rules (require less frequent updates or reduce the number of updates needed) or turn off compliance entirely.  There are lots of options.  It would be best to work with the LeadRouter team if you need help in doing so.  Call LeadRouter Helpdesk at 800-704-7237.


The help desk did not seem to understand what I was talking about. I am my office's zap specialist - I'm new to zap - and my agents don't want to use Zap because they tell me that even when they set up customized follow-up plans with touchpoints of all automatic emails until maybe 3-6 months when they want to do a phone call, they are reminded way too early and often to update these same customers. How do I relax the rules so my agents are more willing to use Zap as an awesome free CRM? They want Zap to only bother them to update current customers when they TELL it to with their customized touchpoints. They want to be able to use Zap to update customers ONLY when they have set it up to update. Does that make sense?


I tried going into LeadRouter, but I don't seem to be able to do anything in it except add leads. 


Product Manager

Michelle - so sorry to hear that! Helpdesk should definitely be able to assist you.  I'd recommend calling again, and hopefully you will get someone who is more knowledgeable.  You are looking to adjust your "LeadRouter Business Rules".  

Community Manager

Hello Michelle, 


Sorry for the inconvenience this is causing but the compliance time frame can only be changed on a company level and not by individual branch. I sent you a document via email that breaks down rules that can be changed on a branch level. 


Zap Support, 


Friendly Explorer

I respond to leads right away, but I can't always log on to ZAP and update the status.

Is there a way for Zap to "know" we responded because we clicked on the link in the e-mail or text?